Yi-Shien (nitelyfe) wrote in pocketuniverse,

Future Plans

Setsuna does look relieved by the news about Lee. "Good, good," he says, smiling. "That's one less thing the Genbu have to worry about, ne? As for the money, it's not mooching at this point, it's helping you get back on your feet. There are a few places you could find a job at though, but that could be problematic depending on the job you have. It's kinda hard for us seishi to do the classic 8-5er. I just don't want you mugging people anymore, Inami."

Kenny does have the grace to look a little abashed about his first choice of monetary options. "Ahh, no problem. Didn't seem to be too good at mugging people." he says with a slight flush. Course it could be because he keeps trying to mug seishi by accident. "I'm not sure what kind of job I can hold, anyhow. There's gotta be something or other. I do want to stay out of trouble.." Possibly for the first time in his life, now that the Yin influence is no longer ruling his life.
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