Yi-Shien (nitelyfe) wrote in pocketuniverse,

Family Issues

It's easy to sometimes forget that while Malachai is a fiercely independant, eclectic, outrageous millionaire artist... he's still got a family out there in the world. After spending a few days being completely irresponsible and enjoy it over at Sebastian's place, he finally went home to see to a few things. That and get some more clothes, not to mention find something a little more filling than Aubrey's snack crackers. At the end of the day though, he's back on his couch alone with his cellphone glued to his ear and a exasperated expression on his face as he contemplates tearing out his own hair. "No mother, I was NOT on a lark in Thailand. That was always father's thing.." He pulls the phone away from his ear for a moment at the loud squawking going over the line. "No mother, I have not seen Baroness Nicholson lately. Not in months." Pause. "Don't you even DARE contemplate an 'arrangement'! No! It is not getting late! I'm only 24! Bloody hell!" *sigh* "Sorry mum, I won't swear at you again."
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