Yi-Shien (nitelyfe) wrote in pocketuniverse,

Nightmares and Dreamscapes

It begins with flames. It always does. That is nothing unusual for Nicolette DeLeone though, for she has always dreamed of flame. Images, memories emerge out of them though, a summer in Alsace, France. A lovely farmstead, belonging to some distant family member perhaps? But the idyllic scene is broken by horrible squealing, the sounds of something dying. Nicolette stands just outside of a pen, where the farmers there are slaughtering a pig. The girl who has often nonchalantly watched puppies drown after being tossed into the Seine river is outrightly horrified for some reason, her hands in tight fists, about to step forward to stop them. A hand reaches out of nowhere to grab her shoulder just then though. "Alain." she murmurs in her sleep, head turning in the dream to stare up at her tall hansome blonde brother. "You can't save it, Nikki. Not that one."
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