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Nobu Restaurant
A restaurant known for it's innovative Neo-Japanese cuisine, it is a very difficult place to get into. Reservations are taken weeks and weeks in advance. The decor reflects this in the look of beaten copper that shines from top to bottom, complimenting the wooden floor with the natural insets. Bare trees reach up as if supporting the slotted ceiling, the lighting dim by the glow of the copper sconces. Tables take up much of the room, though an open bar sits to the right of the entrance. At the back though, the decor changes to blue tile and more secluded seating.
Mitama and Akurei are here.
Obvious exits:

Ah, Nobu Restaurant. The catering Mecca of the culinary elite, the social gathering place of the pretentious as well as those who are indeed elitist and rightly so. Malachai is a regular here, that should come as no surprise to anyone. Dressed as eclectic as usual in white faux turtle neck without sleeves and a black embroidered silk vest over black slacks and boots, he is enjoying a meal out of the confines of his building for the first time in over a week.

Seitaro ushers Sachio into the restaurant before him, playing the part of the solicitous lover as he pauses to speak to the hostess. Within moments the pair are being guided to their table - right besides Malachai's. The oni even goes so far as to pull out the chair for the onmyouji and wait for him to be seated before taking his own. "It's a shame Meiyou-chan couldn't join us, Sachio-kun. Perhaps she and Chiaki will be available next time, ne?"

Sachio pauses to take off his jacket, worn despite the heat both in response to his sister's numerous complaints and to ward off the damage that exposure to the sun can cause. "Hai, but I think that they may be able to do so the next time." A shiver is given, though there's little of cold to do with it, and the boy scans the... oh, just look who they're sitting near. "Ne, Seitaro-san?" And then his voice drops to a whisper. "The one I told you about? That's him." He's an observant person sometimes.

Dining alone has always given Malachai the opportunity to study the other guests at the restaurant and it's never failed to give him amusement even on the slowest nights. Not that Nobu ever has a real slow night. Green eyes follow the unusual pair with unconcealed bemusement, his knowing look seeing far more than the others present in the restaurant. He recognizes Sachio of course. It's not every day that he goes about setting spells on people out in the middle of parks. It's not subtle enough. The aura..the chi signs though, that draws his attentions enough to make him eavesdrop with more attention than usual. "Chiaki... facinating." He pauses for a moment before nodding affably at the next table. "G'evening."

Seitaro turns his attention away from his dinner companion to the one occupying the table next to theirs. His smile is pleasant as he inclines is head toward Malachai, this own senses keenly aware of what lies beneath the attractive exterior of the eccentric man. "Greetings," he intones. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you before, though Sachio-kun has already told me of his introduction to you. I trust you are also familiar with Chiaki then? Would you care to join us?"

Sachio only nods to Malachai, turning his attention to Seitaro instead. "Hai, we've met before, though I'm afraid that I've forgotten the name." It could be an insult, perhaps, but only one that his companion is likely to pick up. Sachio doesn't forget names. "Our meeting was very brief."

Malachai gives the offer some consideration before standing up with sinuous grace and crosses the short distance between tables, swinging a chair over to join them. "Yes, I recall the 'short meeting' quite well. It's something of a red letter day, though in these days I suppose I shouldn't be quite so surprised." Inclining his head towards Seitaro he smiles wryly. "Yes, I am familiar with Chiaki. A number of conversations here and there, though I'd hesitate to call him a close acquaintance. I must assume that you have a similar connection to certain associations forming in this city?" The artist glances over at Sachio. "But not him."

"He belongs to me," is Seitaro's simple reply to Malachai's last statement. Still smiling, he rests a hand that is more than a little possessive against Sachio's slender shoulder. "I'm a recent addition to the one side, yes, though the root of my power is nothing new to me. Actually, it seems I am a replacement for one that was already in existence but was recently murdered. However, I trust that if you have difficulty with Sachio-kun in the future, you will let me know?"

Sachio rests one hand over the one on his shoulder, blushing lightly at the possessiveness. "Iie, not me," he assures, though his gaze drops toward the table. "Ne, Seitaro-san? If you wish to discuss this in private, I can go." It's an offer, but he's not moving just yet. "However, I'm quite sure that we won't have any future difficulty."

Malachai acknowledges the display of possession with a simple nod of acceptance, not looking ruffled or surprised by it. It is after the explanation of Seitaro's new position that his expression falls, a flicker of anger appearing just for a moment before it is carefully schooled away. "Akurei? You.. I see. Much is explained then, why Ichijin was so upset." The artist sighs a little but then smiles. "I do not foresee any difficulties from your young man there. Though if he does go out of his way to meddle in my affairs, there may be unforseen... complications." Not so much a threat, but a warning that tampering with Mitama's carefully laid wards might unleash things best left bound.

"He won't. He knows better." Seitaro turns his cool gaze towards Sachio then, shaking his head. "You will stay." His voice is calm though neutral, despite the flicker of smile he betrays. "Malachai-san, I don't believe I know your other name, but yes, I am the new Akurei. Also called Seitaro. Sebastian-san and I were acquainted before our god chose me and we've since discussed my affiliation. I've been well informed of the situation of the previous Akurei. I have expressed my understanding and sympathy for Sebastian-san's situation. He is a man whom I respect and I believe I have earned his respect in turn. It is best, however, that our god found a replacement so soon."

Sachio tilts his head to regard Malachai. "I do my work by appointment and sometimes on an emergency basis. Most of it has to do with taking care of disturbances and other special cases. I very much doubt that our paths will cross outside of Seitaro-san's company." There, an indirect promise to not interfere. "Hai, I will," is said in response to the calm statement, and he does attempt to hide his own smile.

"Mitama." Spirits of the dead. He supplies the name quietly, not the sort to say it often or at least not in public. "It is good to meet another of Homasubi's chosen. Bastian had mentioned something about the position being filled. While I confess that the loss of your predecessor comes as a blow to me and mine, I think that there will be come good to come out of future associations between us. I sense there are similarities in the way we express are abilities if I'm not mistaken? Sachio showed me a hint of it that other time."

Seitaro nods back to Malachai. "It does appear so. It's a pleasure to meet you as well, Malachai-san. You serve Amatsumika if my memory serves. You and Sebastian-san are close then?" The word 'close' is carefully spoken as Akurei's gaze appraises the other oni. "Sachio-kun is a talented onmyouji. Before things 'changed', he and I were both practitioners of onmyoujitsu in much different ways and for much different purposes. Now my power is a bit more focused."

Sachio blinks and shakes his head, blushing. "Seitaro-san, I'm just an onmyouji, and a very ordinary one at that. It's really more of a family tradition." Now that that's taken care of, he'll just fall silent, paying more attention to the oni he's with than the visiting party.

Malachai nods once again, sipping from a glass of water. "Yes, that is the one I serve." he says with a slightly dark tone, but one that turns more amused as he reaches into a pocket and takes out his wallet. A photo is slipped out of a holder and held up briefly. Sebastian half naked and covered in paint while reclining on a divan. Malachai loves this picture series. "Oh yes, Bastian and I are close." he says simply before giving Sachio a look. "Is there even such thing as an 'ordinary' onmyouji? I would think the ability would be rare in it's own right."
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