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Nobu Restaurant Continued

(Included the last two poses before my most recent.)

Sachio blinks and shakes his head, blushing. "Seitaro-san, I'm just an onmyouji, and a very ordinary one at that. It's really more of a family tradition." Now that that's taken care of, he'll just fall silent, paying more attention to the oni he's with than the visiting party.

Malachai nods once again, sipping from a glass of water. "Yes, that is the one I serve." he says with a slightly dark tone, but one that turns more amused as he reaches into a pocket and takes out his wallet. A photo is slipped out of a holder and held up briefly. Sebastian half naked and covered in paint while reclining on a divan. Malachai loves this picture series. "Oh yes, Bastian and I are close." he says simply before giving Sachio a look. "Is there even such thing as an 'ordinary' onmyouji? I would think the ability would be rare in it's own right."

Seitaro looks over at the picture, lips curling in slight amusement and appreciation. "That's certainly not a pose I would have thought fitting for Sebastian-san, but they do say still waters run deep, ne? That, however, must make you Malachai De Courtenay the artist I've heard about since arriving in the States. How intriguing." Leaving it at that, the oni returns his attention back to his dinner companion. "He is correct as you well know, Sachio-kun. There is nothing ordinary about being an onmyouji. Especially one of your calibre."
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