Elfen (elfen) wrote in pocketuniverse,

Art Critic

[Reposted from the previous thread. Figured it might be easier to continue with a fresh post. :)]

(Don't mind if we continue do you? We went over to friends' last night and then came home and were in bed by 10pm. It felt good to actually get /sleep/!)

"You know damn well you always look delicious, Malachai," replies Kieran, those amber-hued eyes glowing faintly. "And you know, that fingerpaint idea has a lot of merits." His thumb pad runs gently over the painter's bottom lip, parting the man's mouth a fraction before sliding away, a roguish smile dancing across his mouth. "So what have you been creating there?" Again his gaze flickers from creator to canvas, narrowing. "Dark. I like it. What was your inspiration?"
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