Elfen (elfen) wrote in pocketuniverse,

The Convo Thus Far...

Malachai aaahs softly, glad that the questioning didn't end up as messily as his last inquiries did hours earlier. "No, you hadn't mentioned it to me before. I don't think. No, I'd have remembered that if you'd told me. What was it that you were in for?" Just in case he needs to stock up on certain medications for emergencies and all. The caresses continue, though his gaze does wanderer further now, as if studying Kieran's body for more places to grace his art.

Kieran smiles, "You don't have to worry. I'm not insane. Neither am I depressed or schizo. I'm just an oni with the ability to burn people to ashes. I was thirteen when I came into my power and it was at that point that I burned three boys who used to torment me. I was a pretty boy who was gawky for his age. Considering I'm six-four now, you can probably imagine what puberty started out like for me. No one knew what to do about it. They knew it had been me, but they couldn't explain it. So rather than try to put me on trial, they committed me and since I was thirteen, they could keep them there until I was eighteen. At which point they asked if I wanted to stay and I said no. I spent five years of my life in therapy and drugged up. And during that time I was sexually abused. It's a blur though. I got out, I became a model. Easy enough since my records are sealed. My parents are even still alive. Somewhere." The man recites the story in an almost bland voice, tone flat and neutral. He might as well be reciting a grocery list. Throughout it all he continues to smile.
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