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The Slumbering Prince

Gallery benches are not conducive to sleep which means that Kieran has gone without rest for the entire night while he kept vigil, along with Sebastian, upon the wall scroll depicting Sairou. Malachai's return brings not only relief but a sense of fatigue the fire oni had not been immediately aware of in the beginning. When the pair finally drift off together, he finds his slumber thankfully devoid of dreams.

Many hours later, Kieran blinks open his eyes to focus upon the still sleeping man beside him, raven-black hair now turned auburn by whatever was revealed within the desert landscape. Warm fingers brush at the silky strands, picking up a few to gaze closer at their hue before letting the hair fall once more. With a quiet sigh, he lets his fingertips trace over Malachai's face, paying closer attention to the details of his skin, the refinement of his features. "Who are you now?" Higuchi asks in a low murmur, deep voice barely audible.
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The heat of the desert, the long trek from oasis to city, then the grueling mind rending all culminated in making Malachai a very exhausted oni. For once his sleep too is not plagued by dreams, either because the broken seals over his memories have left him nothing to wonder about or that he is simply too tired to so much as twitch for several hours. The new coloring of his hair does seem to make some differences in Malachai's demeanor, or perhaps it is just because he is so deeply asleep that the worries of the day do not show up on his face. The warm auburn serves to soften his countenance whereas the black had made such a stark contrast against his pale skin. There is a faint reddening of skin around his nose and cheeks though, a sign of sun burn making itself known. A soft sound of discomfort escapes his lips after a while, a tightening of skin around his closed eyes as the stiffness in unmoving limbs and a fairly loud growl from an empty stomach makes itself known.
Kieran won't laugh. Nope, he won't laugh. Well, okay, maybe he'll snicker just a little when Malachai's stomach starts making hungry noises. Leaning forward, he first kisses the tip of the oni's faintly red nose before lowering his lips to curve of the artist's mouth for a brief caress. "Malachai," is whispered against those soft lips. "Wake up." The fire oni's hands skim over the other man's body, leaving trails of heat wherever they touch in effort to coax Mitama fully awake.
He awakens sluggishly, eyelids fluttering before eyes open. The European influences of his heritage are more prominent now, green and auburn rather unlikely on an Asian man. A deep breath is drawn and the familiar scent of his lover fills his senses, bringing a smile to his face as he finally gazes up at him. "Mmm..Kieran." It is not everytime that he gets to wake up beside him, those precious moments all the more poignant each time then. Stretching, he rolls up against Higuchi to press together more warmly, arms coming back down to wrap around the other oni as he sighs sleepily. "G'morn...is it morning yet?" he asks, then makes a slightly sheepish expression as his stomach growls at him again.
"I think so, but I don't really know for sure," answers Kieran, content to hold the man beside him. A glance flickers downward to Malachai's stomach, a grin tugging at his mouth. "I'm guessing they didn't feed you on the trip? Should have packed you a brownbag lunch, hmm?" Teasing set aside, amber gaze returns to auburn tresses once more. "I like this change," Kier offers, wrapping a finger among the changed tresses. "It suits you. The new you, I suppose. So anyway, do you have anything to eat in this place? I think I'd better get you fed before you start eyeing me the wrong way."
"The trip was abysmal. I'll have to complain to my travel agent. Not only was there an unexpected layover, the landing had much to be desired." Malachai says wryly, resting his cheek against Kieran's shoulder. His expression softens again, hand sliding up Kieran's side caressingly, brushing by a nipple before running a finger along the tender skin of neck and shoulder. "You had a lot to do with this change." he comments in a near whisper. "You gave me the strength to consider looking into myself." Amusement appears on his face then, as he pointedly pulls back a little to eye Kieran up and down salaciously. "I'm afraid the only thing you'll find in my fridge are old take out containers and unless you have a taste for soy sauce packets, we'll have to call out or get the caterer on the bottom floor to send something up." Malachai is as rich now as Tendou was poor, and at times like this, the difference is clear. The darn building has his name on it after all.
Kieran's hand strokes down the length of Malachai's soft hair, mouth forming a small smile. "Any change I affected in you was likewise affected in me, Malachai. If it hadn't been for you and Bastian, I would never have been able to accept my past memories without being ruled by them again." The food possibilities are considered and a suggestion offered, "Let's just order a pizza. I'm really not in the mood for anything complicated. Just simple. Unless something like pizza scandalizes your taste buds?"
"You don't live a block away from Big Nick's without learning to appreciate pizza." the artist laughs. "I'm not so spoiled as all that... well maybe I am. Big Nick's does gourmet pizza anyhow. What do you want on it? I promise we don't have to get anything weird like anchovies or curry." Yes, there is such a thing as beef curry pizza. Okay, so Malachai's starting to drool and it's not just because he's feeling Kieran up. He does however make quite a point about rubbing himself against the fire oni as he crawls over him to fish for his phone. "I think, if it weren't for the fact that I had you to come home to... I might have gone quite crazy when Dylan opened up my mind."

(Mmmm... Saturday let's go to the real Big Nick's. It'll be a tight squeeze as the place is a tiny dive with the awesomest pizza, but we so have to do that or Jekyll & Hyde or something.)
(mmmm... pizza! I have to head to a meeting then I'm going home after that... just so you know while there's no following post.)
Have fun! See you later tonight.