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Lingli Guai was born to one of the many nomadic tribes in Hokkan, which one he could never remember, for as a young child they were attacked by forces from Kutou and he was taken from them. He never did know what the fate of his family was. Essentially brainwashed, Lingli was trained to become an agent against his own country. He was taught to fight with a variety of weapons, but when his natural talent for mimicry was discovered, it was decided that he would be taught to become an infiltrator, a spy.

Those years were spent in training were bittersweet. Success was rewarded, failure punished severely, thus he made sure that failure was not an option. Never the less, he tried to keep the faint memories of his origins in his heart. He became one of the best, even killing on order. He had a knack for fitting in with nearly any sort of situation, imitating anything from some minor noble to a beggar on the streets. Anything that would give him the advantage in finding out information and reporting it back to his masters.

By the time Lingli was 18, he was quite an adept at such things, but this would be the first time that he would actually be sent into Hokkan country, having previously worked to undermine the dissidents within Kutou itself. Riding into Tolan disguised as any old tribal nomad, he proceeded to work his way through the city, changing to nondescript beggar, than market merchant while listening to the developments of the war from the viewpoint of the Hokkanese. To his dismay, he learned that there was hope that a miko would become the salvation of the country, and that the girl was at the palace itself. Torn internally, he thought that he aught to at least find out for himself if such a thing were true.

Sneaking into the palace disguised as a servant, Lingli actually spent several weeks integrating himself into position. With stolen garb from several different people, from guards, to even a few women's clothing, he managed to worm his way into becoming a server at a meal where Takiko was supposed to attend. His intentions became conflicted, left with a choice between his training and that small tiny hope he'd harbored in his heart, his agitation became noticable to Genbu seishi ? who tried to oust the spy.

(Details left vague to be rped out?)

Okay, the tentative parts...

After Inami had proven himself to be a seishi, he often spent time watching over the council against other infiltrators like himself, or running messages to the front lines?

After the summoning, Inami was left without a purpose once the fighting had died down. I'd imagine he'd run off to get into crazy trouble or back to Kutou to cause a mess for them.

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