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The Angels Fall First

An angelface smiles to me
Under a headline of tragedy
That smile used to give me warmth
Farewell - no words to say
Beside the cross on your grave
And those forever burning candles
Needed elsewhere
To remind us of the shortness of your time
Tears laid for them
Tears of love tears of fear
Bury my dreams dig up my sorrows
Oh Lord why
The angels fall first?

It had been many days and sleepless nights since the news first hit Kai like a blow sharp to his gut, his heart. In the bleak grey of the aftermath, it did not help for Mina to drive the spike deeper with her thoughtless words and prattle. In desperation, the now long haired blonde doctor wrapped his heart, his soul in a blanket of numbness, locking away his pain and emotions in seeming unfeelingness. Those at work noted the disquieting change, so soon after his changed appearance and wondered if this new development was another phase the young doctor was going through. Most however disliked this new Kai, less sociable, less feeling, that easy smile and friendly caring not having been seen in some time. Today he is home though, one of those rare days that he used to savor, but now leaves him far too much time to dwell on his problems. Lying atop of his bed, the only consolation lately is that his apartment is at long last livable again, with the majority of the repairs completed.

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