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A Spy In The Midst!

Uruki has come out of the council room himself, anxious to find Namame. Again that odd sense makes him glance toward the gates, noting the passage of the dark-haired man before his attention is draw to the red-haired one. He does not call out to Namame of course, but steps out into the courtyard to await his arrival.

Namame saw that hesitation, and the fact that he's heading out of the palace in a hurry hasn't helped Lingli's cause. His sword is drawn before he gives a quick glance to Uruki. If this isn't what he was called here for, then it'll just add to his reputation, but he won't try to kill the guy outright unless he draws some sort of weapon. Turning quickly, though with great care to make no sound, he makes after the errand runner ready to attack should he have to. Hey, who knew being in the city would be this much fun?

The thing about the loose robes and common garb is that it does provide for such fabulous things as hiding places for long pointy objects, or in this case a pretty good sword. Far too fine a blade for even a regular soldier and certainly not some mean servant. A quick glance behind him and seeing the redhead with the reputation coming up behind him with sword already drawn, is it any wonder that Lingli breaks into a run himself, flying towards the gates as fast as he can. No normal man could be possibly that fast, but then again, would Kutou send any normal man to do their spying?

Uruki manages to give the briefest of nods to Namame before the red-hair begins his pursuit of the man in questions, leaving him to watch them disappear with a thoughtful look upon his face. He draws the sensitive documents from his sleeve and turns again for the council room to finish gathering his things and to talk to a few others.

Namame lets out a cry of anger at the man nearly getting away, but blocks his escape rout with a wall of ice that moves toward him at an alarming rate. If the man stops, it'll shatter, because he only wants him delayed. However, once that ice is created, it's going to take a few dozen men or an order from Uruki to get him to not kill this intruder, because he's gone psycho. Yes, he was supposed to not use his power within the city, but this is a special case!

Lingli gasps at the wall of ice that just appears in his path, skidding on the flagstones of the courtyard as he stops just in time, throwing up an arm as the ice shatters before him. Swearing fiercely, the spy abandons subterfuge for survival as he shucks the long coat and draws that sword. The outside sheath might have been plan and the wrappings common, but the blade is shining steel and held with expert ease. Turning quickly as he hears the madman's footsteps coming up behind him, the luckless spy meets him head on without hesitation. One man is crazed, the other calculatingly cool as the years of training Lingli endured will now be used to try and save his life.

Namame might be crazed, but he's got instinct that comes from years of swordsmanship. He's paid the price in sanity for one wall of ice, which makes him only a bit psycho--which is like being a little pregnant. As he runs toward Lingli's side, an upward sweep is made toward the spy's midsection, the intent to maim rather than kill this time. He knows they'd rather have him alive for questioning, but you'd be surprised what you can live through.

The blow never lands for Lingli is simply not standing there when the sword is swung, instead the spy dodges with barely a hairsbreath to spare, but bringing his own blade around not just to counter, but to attack, a sweeping circle cut that aims for the seishi's momentarily exposed side. While they might want him for questioning, Lingli has no reason to pull his own attacks, the deadly intent in them evident to the practiced eye. Neither is the sword the only weapon employed, for at such close range, blows from the free hand or kicks from the legs can be just as effectively fatal if done right.

Namame twists, avoiding the blow by inches, but not using any other outward signs of power just yet, though the flash of kanji from beneath his bangs is a clear indication that the potential remains there. No longer using a running attack- since he's where he needed to get to- he approaches the spy to attempt another attack, this time from both the front and the side, though he's not above a few kicks here and there. Nothing is beneath someone who wants to win, really, and he's not one of those city bred sword toting nobles.

Lingli only makes soft grunts when kicked, the momentum sending him stumbling back but the incentive to keep the fight within bounds of propriety just aren't there. He too can be a dirty fighter, ignoring bruises and minor cuts as he fights. The speed in which these two wield their blades is sort of like watching an out of control cuisine-art, something you really don't want to stick your hand into. Yes, there are soldiers about, but none dare to get closer to interfere just yet since the balance of power is so delicate. Interference might inadvertently cause a fatal error for either swordsmen, a chance not to be taken. The clash of steel must certainly be a marvel, for truly protracted swords fights are a rare thing, yet somehow these two are balanced very finely. There is no sign of whatever else Lingli might be though, for one thing he's done little to cause the hidden kanji to flare and the wraps about his forearms certainly would hide the mark from casual observers.

There's also the off chance that Namame might go psycho on one of them, since word has certainly spread about the cost of power for this seishi by now, even if he's avoided doing anything within the city walls until now. "Die, Kutouese dog!" It's a near cry of anger as he attempts to find some sort of advantage, aiming for the man's arms with the sword, while kicking out toward his legs. Of course, the fight is taking its toll on this seishi as well, and he's got his fair share of cuts, bruises, and scrapes--all of these ignored in favor of the fight at hand. For the moment, it's gone beyond wanting to disable a spy, he wants to kill an enemy, and nothing but an order to not do so or death is going to keep him from trying to do just that.

"Suck turtle eggs!" Is the growled reply from Lingli, who seems unfazed by the other's insult. It's a double prod there, for the Genbu do follow a turtle god, the phrase in old china which extends past the borders of this land, the /meaning/ of the insult has to do with male impotency and having another impregnate one's wife, etc. How that exactly came to be is lost through use, but there's no doubt that both intents generally cause quite a reaction. There must be some amazement too, that Lingli should survive this long against Namame's onslaught, neither pulling blows and of course the fact that he's even causing damage to the insane seishi must be a wonder. Never in Lingli's life, has he faced such an opponent either and he cannot but help the small smile of appreciation for the skill, the incredible feel of meeting a match for his own prowess in one on one combat.

"Kutouese dog!" At least Namame didn't say bitch? Still, that insult is enough to give the strength of anger to his attack, and another angry sound issues from the psycho. This is what he misses when he has to go over the boarder unless he actually has to fight someone, and even then it never lasts very long. On the battlefield, his power use takes care of most of the enemy around him, and he might even find it a pity that he intends to kill this man. Only a little, because these Kutouese bastards need to die. Of course, now the guards are probably laying bets, even if the archers are taking aim at the pair just in case--not that it'll do much good, because they'll either both fall over or keep fighting until they're stopped. More blows from the sides and, in a twist he'd probably never attempt if he weren't insane, from behind as he turns to circle the spy. "Kutouese bastard."

"Oh get a new line would you?" Lingli snaps back, still smirking pretty good there, even if he's starting to get a little desperate. With all the soldiers around and archers no doubt waiting for the moment they can turn him into a pincushion, he's pretty sure he's not getting out of this in one piece if alive at all. Desperation can be a pretty powerful motivator, but he refuses to let it hinder his skills. "Heard of you, madman. You'd slaughter your own quick as you would an enemy." He barely manages to evade the powerful swings that threaten to decapitate him, cursing again as his own retaliatory strike misses as he stares at that twist away from his blade, "You have to be nuts!" Anyone else trying that would have risked getting a severed spine or shattered back. It seems the fight starts to branch out from close ferocious sword swings into wild acrobatics combined with those deadly blades, a wrong step, a bad landing could spell death for either of them.

"You're right, and I have," Namame growls, glaring at the spy with eyes near wild from insanity and anger. "But I'd rather slaughter pigs like you." The insult is spat as he swings out with sword, still attempting to kick the spy's legs from under him with each move, though from different angles, and even going so far as to attempt to stomp his toes to provide distraction. Unfortunately for the courtyard, however, he's also not above using the statuary as springboards for more ambitious attacks--he's so going to hear it from Uruki about that. >.>

"Awh, does this mean we can't be best friends?" Lingli taunts, as calm and collected as Namame is insane and angry. Not that the spy doesn't get riled up, he just can keep a level head in a fight, if he couldn't they would have killed him way before now. The spy is a damn jumping spider, always just managing to stay ahead of each blow, jab, kick. Let's put it this way, he has even less concern about the courtyard statuary or anyone who gets in the way for that matter. A particularly vicious lunge from Namame sends him careening into a statue too, toppling it and shattering it on the hard ground. Snagging a large chunk of stone, Lingli flings it at the seishi's head lefthanded, apparently quite ambidextrous too.

If you want to hurt Namame, you just don't aim at his head. Really, any of the other seishi could relay this and would do so willingly. His brain is already cracked. A quick roll to the ground avoids the stone, though he ends near enough to the spy for a swing that could make contact if Lingli were slower or less agile. Of course, the fact that there's broken stone laying about the place means that he's ended up with more cuts, but he's not feeling those quite yet. "In hell," he answers, returning to the attack with a vengeance, though he's starting to tire just a bit--this spy is good! Again, too bad he has to kill him. "That all you can do, Kutouese dog? Or should I call you a pup?"

Okay fine, next time Lingli will aim at Namame's nuts or something instead, pun not intended. The shattered stone serves to make footing more difficult, causing a few stumbles but always, as always, he manages to evade the swings, even back flipping to get his legs out of the way at one point, a bold and foolish move that he pulls off with only the grace that a seishi can manage in combat. Still, he can feel himself tiring, how long can they possibly keep this up? How long before both fall over and one gets probably peppered with arrows? "Pup? You're barely older than I!" Lingli laughs, fearlessly charging Namame with a whirlwind attack of jabbing thrusts and quick parries that is designed to wear down an opponent, picking at this defense and trying to find an opening for a fatal cut.

Namame is a much more unorthodox fighter than most, not that Lingli has been showing any sort of predictable form, but the fact that it's the movement of a Kutouese fighter is enough to make this seishi want to kill him. "Tch, you won't make it to my age, boy!" The irony of that statement will never be known by the redhead, though he does a fairly good job of blocking the attacks aimed at him, suffering a few small cuts in the process but nothing so dangerous that he has to stop. Finally, aware that the goal is to wear him down for the kill, he drops again, turning in another move that could get him killed save for the fact that he can feel the blows coming before they have a chance to hit, the crouch ending in an attempt to hit the man in the back of the knees and incapacitate him.

It is not Lingli's fault that he was trained in this style, but there's far more to it than one particular form, that's for sure. It is the trait of survival to incorporate different moves as found suitable for survival. This is not a dojo and this is not a friendly competition. "I will see you buried, you crazy dung eater!" Yes, the gods are indeed cruel and unusual here in Hokkan. Yes, the nomadic tribes do burn horse dung for heating, but that doesn't mean they eat off of those specific hearths, not that these schematics mean a thing to Lingli. Growling as Namame dodges the majority of his bows, swiping with horrific accuracy at Namame, but failing to land the blows enough to cause him to stop. In fact it is only by sheer luck that he decided to spring over backwards again right at that moment, swinging his legs out of the way of the oncoming blade, preventing himself from being hamstrung.
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Damnit! Namame just can't land a solid blow on this guy and it's really starting to bug him. Either that, or he's having fun.. or both. Probably both. Facing Lingli again, he attempts the same tactic, though being a bit shorter, his approach toward the midsection. Clearly, he's trying to wear the spy down just as much, and if cutting at vital areas will do it, he'll do just that. "Daken!" The insult is half growled. "I'll see you dead!"
The fight starts to resemble the mythic dueling sequence from the movie 'Red Sonja' where the two combatants attempt to kill each other or at least find out who's the best by fighting it out...over several days without a break. The similarities end there, for while Namame does have the hair for Sonja, Lingli is certainly no Conan the Barbarian. And they're not sleeping together after the fight either. "Shing jin bing, gan ni niang!" Crazy motherfucker. "I'll see you in hell first! At least it would be warm!" Not that they two of them aren't steaming out here in the cold of Tolan. Dodging again and again, parrying other blows, very few of Namame's strikes land and at best slices at Lingli's clothing and making shallow cuts. He responds in kind, using forward momentum to follow up an under slice with a spinning kick.
Namame might be able to dodge the majority of the slice, but not all of it, and the result is a neat slice of the fabric over his midsection and a long, shallow cut. The kick lands and he's thrown against a section of wall surrounding the courtyard, only to spring from it again with another angry cry. His attack is renewed, and the look in his eyes is more than just half crazed. Still, he's not shown more than the innitial use of his power, and the once neat binding of his hair has come loose, leaving the locks to fall over his shoulders. "This is hell, buta!"
"No this isn't." Lingli tells him back quite calmly for all that his stance is as deadly wary as it was through the fight. "Been there, thought it could use a few more tapestries, wasn't too bad." That smirk is still present though, mayhaps a little too pleased that he'd managed to punt the seishi into a wall, never mind his own bleeding wounds here and there. There isn't much time for small talk though, they are after all attempting to kill each other, well more or less. With his own kiyai, he meets the attack with swinging blade, hits hard enough to send up showering sparks. It's going to take hours of sharpening and retooling to fix these swords afterwards if they get the chance. Picking a few more cuts here and there from very close calls against Namame's blade, his rather poor clothes are starting to look more like candidates for the rag bag, not to mention the blood stains that are starting to decorate it as skills start to deteriorate in the face of onsetting exhaustion.
Namame is just going to need a new sword, damnit, and he liked this one! At least they got to trash the courtyard, because he really disliked those statues, and it's a safe bet that he won't have to go into the palace again for a really long time. He's tiring, yes, exhaustion setting in slowly but surely. While he's not yet careless, he's going for moves that he'd just never try save that he doesn't care about getting hurt, and, regardless of how tired he is, he can usually hear and see his opponent before he's in danger of being hit. Usually. He's been nicked more and more as the fight stretches out, and either one of them is going to make a mistake and be killed, or they're both going to fall over.
One rather doubts they'd let Lingli back into the palace unless it's to go into a dungeon. Does this palace have a dungeon? He'll probably find out sooner or later. The only thing that is saving Kutou's spy is his incredible speed, the impressive skill...that is starting to falter, get sloppier as he picks up a rather viscious cut along his left arm as he turns away from a blow at the last second and almost succeeding in dodging it. "By the Gods... never fought anyone like you." Lingli says almost admiringly as he pants, suppressing pain and that creeping legarthy that pulls at the weight of his sword and body. His mind struggles to find a way to counter Namame's moves as he parries more blows, reaching back to his earliest training..before it all went bad...a time where Namame's style and skills seem familiar..and Lingli's next move is not Kutouese at all, but distinctly Hokkanese plainsman - tribal - deadly on horseback - but just as deadly on foot.
If this palace doesn't have a dungeon, it certainly has some sort of prison, and it's likely that Lingli would be destined for just that if he manages to survive. "Tch, gods got nothing to do with it, daken." Namame has run out of reserves to pull from, and he's still not calling on his power, because he'd be too damned exhausted to do so. The spy's blows are fended off, but only barely, and the psycho-seishi's eyes widen just a bit. "Gods in hell!" He's just a little surprised, really. "Gods damnit! Someone get Uruki!" The last is yelled as he attempts to fight Lingli back, though it's clear that he's only trying to hit the young man with the very tip of his blade this time, no attempts to stab or gut. "Kishu?" Horseman, but he's Kutouese, so .. that's impossible. "What the hell are you?"