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New Girl In Class

It might be late in the year, but there's always summer school, something an exchange student might need before hitting the senior year come fall. In any case, there is a new face standing at the front of the class room at (insert school name here) Academy. The teacher makes introductions of course, looking prim and proper for a lady for probably was a nun before the reforms in the private school system. "Class, please welcome our new student, Nicolette DeLeone. She is our exchange student for the coming year from France." Nikki as she prefers to be called, looks more bored than anything else, but there is just something about her that is stirring curiousity amongst her new classmates. It's probably due to the fact that there are subtle adjustments to her school uniform, little touches that just barely hold to the school rules, but adds a little alure, a little naughtiness to the typical private school chippet style. "Allo, it is nice to meet you all." she drawls with only a mild touch of French accent as she heads for an empty seat, sliding a school bag under it before sitting down in an ever casual and arrogant demeanor.
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