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Central Park

Tokaki and Amiboshi take first shift in Central Park, looking for more clues in the mysterious Yin-energy tidal wave.

There was one flaw in the plan to take first watch, being that in the evening there aren't that many people out in Central Park to make the claim of busking credible. Still, having Lee around as a cop would at least mean less questions from other police officers in the area. Kai plants himself down on a park bench after a while, wooden flute in hand as he keeps his senses open for any other disturbances. Fewer people does make less need for pretenses, but it can get boring after the adrenaline rush dies down. "So... Lee. It's been a while. How have things been?" he asks the other seishi on watch, trying to strike up some conversation.

Lee stuffs his hands in his pockets, shivering slightly in the cool night air. He's not cold, but just the thought of some of the things tonight's chi surge could possibly mean is enough to make even the bravest shiver. "Dull." He pauses for a moment, then grins slightly. "Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I'm thinking." He looks left and right, along the park, as far as he can. "How far away were you when it all started?" He asks, his attention focusing back on Kai. "And what could you sense?" Lee's after facts now, even tiny ones like how far away the Seiryuu seishi was, and what he could sense, even though some of that's been hashed out already. It's a cop thing.

Kai gives a slight shrug, rubbing his arms slightly for more or less the same reasons as Lee. It's actually the warmest night it's been all week. "Dull has been good for me too. Liked it that way, let me sort of get on my feet and live life normal for a while." Ever since the old Lexie incidents, it's been a slow climb. "I was downtown actually, at the hospital. Last thing they want around is a surgeon who can't concentrate. Luckily I've a low caseload still, being new. Mostly just assisting. That's a bit aways though, I felt like a tidal wave hitting me, but it was all.. energy. I could tell it was yin stuff, but that's it. I managed to beg off the rest of the day and followed the trail here, that's all. No one seems to know much else though. Wonder if the... oni are going to show their faces here?"

"Probably not." the detective says, shrugging. "Though with them, who can tell? For my money, if I were a part of something that huge, I'd be hightailing it out of here as fast as possible, unless it were a summoning. And they have to know we felt that. Hell, I'm guessing half the city felt that." Sure felt strong enough to him that even people with latent abilities probably had a headache. "So you were pretty far away." So why was the teleporter one of the last to get there? Beats him. Maybe it's because he was actually asleep when it started. "We probably should walk around the park for a bit...just to make sure there's not a detail we missed, too." He pauses then, frowning. "Oh, you're more sensitive to chi than I am...I don't suppose you could narrow which Yin chi it was?"

Kai shakes his head, the longer hair he wears now sweeping about his shoulders. "No, I could tell it was Yin chi, but if it matched anyone I knew, I would have mentioned it before. It wasn't that familiar. Not that I knew that many of them." Just a few /too/ well. He'll never forget those. Rising from the bench, he tucks the flute back into his jacket sleeve where it would be less conspicuous. "I agree we should take a look around, if they did summon something, it's obviously smaller than a god." he notes wryly. "Bigger than a breadbox though, I'd imagine."

Lee's eyebrows arch as he regards the Seiryuu seishi for a moment, before shaking his head. "Yeah. I've got the same feeling." He sighs then, as he starts down the path. "I have this horrible feeling that there's going to be some kind of Godzilla thing going down soon." He doesn't take his hand from his pockets, instead fondling his earrings, which he'd hastily stuffed there in his rush to leave his apartment. True, the immediate danger has passed, but Tokaki is still nervous. "I wonder if anyone else was able to at least sense the faction it came from. At least then it might narrow things down a little." Keep dreaming, Lee.

"Godzilla thing?" the young doctor inquires with a raised eyebrow. "You have a rather odd way of thinking, Tokaki." he murmurs quietly, still scanning the area around them. Nothing. "If there were one around here, even in a park this size, I think we would have noticed it by now?" He shrugs again, a rather noncommittal gesture, something he's been cultivating lately. "I'm not that familiar with the Yin and their idiosyncrasies. I'm not even sure about the oni I did meet, who belonged where."

Which is how Lee figures the Oni feel about the seishi. A flutist in the Sieryuu? A 'Blinking Fighter' in the Byakko? "Yes, well, comes from being a cop, I guess. Or being miserable, and figuring things are just going to get worse." In response to the odd thinking comment. He gives a shrug of his own. "I figure it could've been something that's going to grow." He frowns then, scanning the trees and bushes for a moment. "That much power...it couldn't have just disappeared." That, or, and this awful thought just popped into his head, the Yin have just picked a new seishi whose powers are on a par with Nakago.

Wouldn't that just suck? As if the Yin didn't already have rather powerful oni in lieu of sheer numbers. "I suppose. I think differently I'd imagine, as a doctor and musician. Not exactly the sort of mindset for this sort of thing." Or for even being a seishi of the god of War. Where there are wars, you need battle cries and rousing chants to spur on your soldiers, then healers for the aftermath to make sure there are fighters for the next day. That would explain Amiboshi, but frankly even Kai thinks the gods were playing some ineffable game of chance and Byakko lost him to Seiryuu or something. "Hmm, growing though. That has possibilities. You're right, something like that couldn't have just showed up and come to nothing, it's a waste of energies... unless something went /wrong/ for the oni and unleashed that power accidentally?" There's always hope, right?

Hey, it would explain why he turned up in SAIROU of all places, ne? Lee shrugs. "Hey, I can only hope that the two or three I've met blow themselves up. That would save me a lot of tedious paperwork. Not to mention the trouble of having to fight them myself." He continues to scan the park. "Yeah. I think I've just gotten too damned suspicious and over protective as a cop. And a doctor and a musician mindset is Ok." He grins at Kai. "You'll see things that I'm likely to miss because I'm too busy being suspicious and worried. I would never have thought of the Oni having an accident. Maybe because that would make me happy and my life easier."

Kai chuckles quietly at that, brushing his hair out of his eyes again. "Someone in the Seiryuu group has to be the optimist after all. It might be a bit of wistful thinking, but it might expand the sort of clues we could be looking for. Site of some accident would leave different kinds of traces?" He's just guessing here, it's not his forte after all. "I think it's ebbing still, trail's getting colder. Not picking up a lot, even if this headache is really annoying."

"You're lucker than I am." Lee says, irritably. "I can't even pick up the fact that I'm standing right next to a Seiryuu seishi. All I've got is a headache from the whack my head took." He frowns slightly. "And if there were an accident, there'd probably be...stuff, yes." Body parts, blood. Etc. "Can you...find the center of the disturbance?" Lee asks, hopeful. "I don't suppose it would work, but maybe if I concentrated on my ability to sense, and then concentrated on giving some of that to you...." It's an idea.


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