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The Slumbering Prince

Gallery benches are not conducive to sleep which means that Kieran has gone without rest for the entire night while he kept vigil, along with Sebastian, upon the wall scroll depicting Sairou. Malachai's return brings not only relief but a sense of fatigue the fire oni had not been immediately aware of in the beginning. When the pair finally drift off together, he finds his slumber thankfully devoid of dreams.

Many hours later, Kieran blinks open his eyes to focus upon the still sleeping man beside him, raven-black hair now turned auburn by whatever was revealed within the desert landscape. Warm fingers brush at the silky strands, picking up a few to gaze closer at their hue before letting the hair fall once more. With a quiet sigh, he lets his fingertips trace over Malachai's face, paying closer attention to the details of his skin, the refinement of his features. "Who are you now?" Higuchi asks in a low murmur, deep voice barely audible.
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